b. 1986, HK.



Solid, Liquid, Gas (November 2018)
Disassembled Assembly (March 2017)
Shemer New Horizons Exhibition (Spring 2015)

Leadership roles :

SVA Academic Affairs Secretary (2018-2019)
Flex Workshop Student Team Leader (Spring 2017)

Photo by Sarah Eckstine

My resume can be found here.


I’m Claire, a recent graduate with a BFA in graphic design from the Maryland Institute College of Art, residing in Milwaukee, WI, and looking for new adventures anywhere! I am drawn to vibrant, playful design and try to incorporate my hand-made processes into my work. I love nothing more than tufting a new rug, cooking good food, and furthering my design skills.

My secret talent is sliding puzzles, my last name is often misspelled (hi, fellow Ukrainians!), and I relish in late weekend nights playing RPGs.

Reach out–I’d love to work with you, or just chat :)