Photo by Sarah Eckstine.


I’m currently working toward my BFA in Graphic Design at Maryland Institute College of Art–residing in Milwaukee, WI, studying in Baltimore, MD, and looking for new adventures anywhere! I am drawn to vibrant, playful design that incorporates my love for handmade objects and crafting skills. I love nothing more than hand tufting rugs, cooking good food, and furthering my design skills. I find myself inspired by my early affinity for retro comics and video games, as well as my personal experiences.

My secret skill is solving sliding puzzles, my last name is often misspelled (hi, fellow Ukrainians!), and I enjoy late weekend nights playing RPGs.

Reach out and say hi! I’d love to work with you.

Leadership Roles:

– SVA Academic Affairs Secretary (2018-2019)

– Group Exhibition Organizer (November 2018)

– Flex Team Leader (2018)


– Solid, Liquid, Gas (November 2018)

– Flex Design Workshop Exhibition (March 2018)

– Disassembled Assembly (Spring 2017)

– Shemer New Horizons Exhibition (Spring 2015)